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      Arport(Fujian) Airport Express Company is based on Fujian airports, railway stations and a seaport to establish a multimodal passenger transport network and construct loop mode platform with network covering the entire province and extending to the surrounding provinces.

Arport (Fujian) Airport Express Co., Ltd.
       With Fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuyishan and Liancheng Airports as major hubs, constructing an air-land transportation network covering the main cities within Fujian, is committed to becoming the most influential comprehensive road transport enterprise in the western Taiwan Straits.
Arport (Xiamen) Airport Express Co., Ltd.
       It is committed to building a convenient air-land transportation network covering nearby cities centered in Xiamen Airport providing guests with safe, comfortable, punctual and convenient experience, which has earned brand influence within industry.
Arport (Wuyishan) Airport Express Co., Ltd.
       Within the Fujian passenger transportation network built by its mother company Fujian Express, mainly operates ground passenger transportation service focusing on Wuyishan Airport. Besides, it provides other service including automobile maintenance, parking lot management, passenger station management and commercial vehicle rent etc.
Arport (Longyan) Airport Express Co., Ltd.
       Established in Oct., 2012, with the goal of building convenient express between Longyan Guanzhaishan Airport and cities nearby, now has opened the routes to cities including Longyan, Changting, Yongding, Wuping, Shanghang etc.

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