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  Consisting of Xiamen Gaoqi, Fuzhou Changle, Nanping Wuyishan and Longyan Guanzhaishan airports together with related business, deeply exploring traffic value, making public transport service platforms full of humanistic features.

Arport Group(Fujian)Co ., Ltd.
    As a subsidiary of Xiamen Iport Group and a professional investment management company specializing airport business, is in charge of business exploring, construction and planning, engineering management and operation control for the Group’s 4 airports i.e. Xiamen Gaoqi, Fuzhou Changle, Longyan Guanzhaishan and Wuyishan Airport.

Xiamen International Airport Co., Ltd.
    As the operating body and managing organization of Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport, the first airport company listed in China which now owns 4 subsidiaries, is committed to developing Xiamen Airport to the most economic and competitive regional aviation hub.

Fuzhou International Airport Co ., Ltd
    As the capital airport of Fujian province, is making every effort to build a modern aerotropolis featuring cultural, sci-tech and commercial vigor, constantly motivated to get new achievement by rewards like ‘National Civilized Airport’ and ‘ National Best Service Quality Airport’.

Wuyishan Airport Co., Ltd.
    Wuyishan Airport, a 4C joint military-civilian and category 1 airport in China, is the only air gateway to North Fujian. As the subsidiary of Iport Group, the company is committed to becoming the best travel airport in China with the support of dual World Heritage Wuyi Mountain resources.

Longyan Guanzhaishan Airport Co., Ltd.
    As the joint military-civilian airport and the only airport in the old revolution area of western Fujian, has become the first stop of Communist Party and state leaders’ inspection to Fujian since its operation, that has built the economic, tourist and cultural links between old revolution area and developed area.

International Airport Cargo Terminal Co., Ltd.
    Established in 2003, holding the Maintenance Organization Certificate issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China and Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines as well as JMM etc., now can provides daily line maintenance and service support for airline companies at home and abroad in Fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuyishan and Longyan 4 airports at the same time.

Arport Air Cargo Terminal (Xiamen)Co., Ltd.
    Officially operated on Sep. 9th 2003, with strategic goal of building “a more professional regional aviation logistics hub ", is the first joint venture of civil aviation industries across the Taiwan Strait as Xiamen side holding 58% of company`s stake while Taiwan 42%.

Xiamen Arport Coast Co., Ltd.
    As the member enterprise of Iport Group and the operator of Wutong Harbor ferry terminal which has opened the Xiamen-Kinmen sea route, the company is committed to build the most convenient sea-air path for people across the Straits with the support from the resource advantage of Xiamen Airport.

China-Singapore Airport Management Academy
    With the establishment approval by CAAC and the Fujian Provincial Education Department, is the first Sino-foreign cooperative licensed academy for professional airport management training in China. The Academy has become the platform for Chinese airports to communicate with advanced airports abroad. Having built cooperation with Singapore Aviation Academy, Incheonl Airport Academy and Nice Airport Academy, it is committed to providing practical training from international vision.

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